Beit El Municipal Council Update
Thursday May 14, Iyar 20

Dear Residents,
Return to School

Beit El has joined most of the other town councils in calling on the government to allow schools to reopen this coming Sunday in full. We oppose a partial return of grades 4-6 for only a few hours a week! Talks are underway with the Prime Minister's Bureau and we hope they will be fruitful. We will let you know.


The library is being reopened – but under these conditions: You must register in advance before arrival. Only 1-2 members of each family may come, and they must wear masks. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. You must sign a declaration of health upon entry and wash with alcojel. You may remain in the library for not more than 15 minutes. Return books in a bag at the entrance. Keep two meters away from others. Register here:  It's open on Friday from 9:30 to 12:30. From 9:00 til 9:30 it will be open only for those over age 60, without advance registration. Email service continues as usual.

Next week, it will be open on Sun, Mon and Wednesday from 16:15 to 19:00, and on Friday as stated above.

Public Transportation – We are aware of the difficulties in not being allowed to pay in cash. We have asked the Transportation Minister to intervene; we will let you know when we receive an answer.

Only city bus lines will resume tomorrow and this weekend, and these do not include Lines 140 and 141. Call *8787 for more information.